Ex-advisor says Trump should form 2016 ticket with Ben Carson: He needs somebody 'from another world'
Ben Carson (NBC News)

Even though he no longer works for Donald Trump's campaign, political strategist Roger Stone said on Wednesday, he still supported Trump's candidacy, and thought Ben Carson would make for a good potential running mate.

"He's a brain surgeon. He doesn't come from the world of politics," Stone told Ora.tv host Jesse Ventura. "He's also a straight-talker. I think Trump-Carson would be a very strong ticket. That's just my opinion."

What set Carson apart, Stone said, was that he was "the only other non-career politician" among the current group of Republican presidential candidates. However, he appeared to forget about former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who entered the political arena relatively recently when she worked for Sen. John McCain's campaign in 2006.

"He doesn't need some governor, some former governor, or some senator," Stone said of Trump. "He needs somebody who comes from another world -- the world of business, the world of medicine."

"Roger, that throws me out of the equation, 'cause I'm a former governor?" Ventura responded. "Do you think Donald would ever think of asking me?"

"I think that people view you as an outsider," Stone replied. "But Jesse, you'd have to become a registered Republican under the rules of the convention, and I don't think I could ever get you to do that."

Stone, who was threatned with physical violence by Geraldo Rivera last week after calling CNN contributor Ana Navarro and NewsOne's Roland S. Martin "quota hires," reiterated that he left Trump's campaign of his own volition instead of being fired, as Trump has claimed.

CNN reported on Wednesday that Carson, a former neurosurgeon and Johns Hopkins University professor, has risen to second place among likely Iowa caucus voters, amassing the support of 14 percent of respondents. Trump is still in first with 22 percent of the vote.

Watch Stone's interview with Ventura, as aired by Ora.tv on Wednesday, below.