Geraldo Rivera to Trump advisor: 'I'm going to kick your racist ass, punk'

A war of words between Fox News pundit Geraldo Rivera and Republican political operative -- and advisor to Donald Trump's campaign -- Roger Stone has escalated to threats of violence and charges of racism.

Media Matters for America has been following the kerfuffle, which began in July when Stone called political commentators Roland Martin (NewsOne Now) and Ana Navarro (CNN) "quota hires" over their criticism of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Martin fired back at Stone, calling him "racist" and "despicable."

Geraldo Rivera jumped into the fray, tweeting:

Stone shot back:

Which was when Geraldo threatened violence:

Eric Hananoki at Media Matters wrote, "Stone is a professional dirty trickster who once formed an anti-Hillary Clinton group with the acronym 'C.U.N.T.' after he tried 'to come up with words for B.I.T.C.H. and just couldn't do it.'"

Stone was part of one of the sillier right-wing Obama smears, the so-called "Whitey tape" debacle, during which multiple high-profile conservative bloggers including Matt Drudge and Erick Erickson and other Obama-haters claimed to have tape of Michelle Obama calling white people "whiteys" in an angry speech.

The tape's promoters strung along legions of gullible conservatives who wanted to believe that they had found the secret weapon that would take down the Obamas once and for all. The tape, however, never appeared.