Journalists slam New York Daily News for cover featuring images of reporter's death
Alison Parker and Adam Ward are pictured in this handout photo from TV station WDBJ7 obtained by Reuters on Aug. 26, 2015. REUTERS/WDBJ7/Handout via Reuters

The New York Daily News sparked outrage among fellow journalists on Wednesday night after posting its cover page for Thursday's edition, heavily featuring still images of the fatal shooting of reporter Alison Parker.

The cover shows images uploaded online by the gunman, 41-year-old Vester Flanagan, who also killed cameraman Adam Ward in the attack on Wednesday morning while the two journalists were conducting a live interview with with a third victim, Vicki Gardner. Gardner was shot in the back during the assault. Flanagan later shot and killed himself.

The Daily News' headline read, "Executed on live TV," and was first posted at 10:19 p.m. EST on the newspaper's Twitter feed. The Raw Story has opted not to show the individual picture.

The cover was quickly criticized by journalists from a variety of outlets, as seen below:

The newspaper's decision was also criticized by New York Mets pitcher Victor Black:

The response to the Daily News cover came after many journalists took up another tag online to show solidarity with Parker and Ward. As CNN reported, the tag #WeStandWithWDBJ, which originated with KVUE-TV producer Vicki Chen, gained traction after she posted a picture of herself with her photographer, as seen below:

"I can stand here and be scared, or I can stand here and be a journalist, which is what Alison Parker and Adam Ward did," Chen told CNN. "In fact, it's what thousands of journalists do every day: our jobs."

Other colleagues followed suit, as seen here: