TLC's parent company loses $19 million from canceling of Duggar's reality TV show
Duggar family (Facebook)

Discovery Communications, the parent company that owns TLC, took a $19 million hit in its second quarter thanks to the cancellation "19 Kids and Counting," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In its 2015 second quarter earnings reports, Discovery officials said the loss came under "restructuring and other charges," which at the same time last year came in at $5 million but this year expanded to $24 million, a $19 million loss.

Discovery CFO Andy Warren said the "higher restructuring and other charges this year of $19 million [were] primarily due to content impairment charges from cancelling TLC’s '19 Kids and Counting'during the company's quarterly shareholder conference call, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

TLC was forced to cancel the show amid fallout from revelations that the show's subjects, the Duggar family, had covered up sexual molestation accusations against son Josh Duggar.

In May, In Touch Magazine broke news that Josh Duggar was an alleged offender in a sexual molestation investigation. He was not prosecuted because law enforcement failed to follow up on the case until the statute of limitations had passed.

The Duggar family were darlings of the Christian right and vocal opponents of the LGBT community. Josh Duggar was a lobbyist for the conservative Family Research Council, but has since resigned.

Patriarch Jim Bob had admitted Josh molested underage girls. Most of his victims were his own sisters. The family initially did not contact authorities. Instead, they met with church leaders and agreed to send Josh to help a family friend remodel homes as "punishment."

TLC cancelled the show in May.