WATCH: Bernie Sanders opens can of whoop-ass on Wall Street and ‘billionaire class’ in fiery DNC speech
Senator Bernie Sanders (I) addresses DNC meeting in Minneapolis - screencap C-Span

Appearing at the Democratic National Committee summer meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders delivered a blistering speech hammering income inequality in America and stating that the Democrats will not hold the White House if they continue to deliver "establishment politics and establishment economics."

"What we need is a political movement which is prepared to take on the billionaire class and create a government which works for all of us and not just corporate America and a handful of the wealthiest people in this country," Sanders said.

Hushing the crowd as they began chanting, "Bernie! Bernie!" Sanders continued, "In other words, we need a movement which takes on the economic and political establishment, not one that is part of that establishment."

"We will end the obscenity of living in a country where the top one tenth of one percent owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent," he stated. "That is not the kind of economy that we want. We need a movement that tells Wall Street that when a bank is too big to fail, that bank is too big to exist and we're gonna break 'em up!"

Sanders also called for defeating the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying: "Corporate America has got to start investing in our country, not just countries all over the world," before adding, "We need a movement in this country that says every worker deserves a living wage. That understands that the current minimum wage of $7.25 is a starvation wage and that we are going to raise that wage -- over a period of a few years -- to 15 bucks an hour."

Watch video of Sander's speech below, uploaded to YouTube: