WATCH: Horrifying video as man is struck by car and thrown into the air in road rage brawl
Image: Police photo of suspects in Hemet, CA attack on Tracy Leavitt (Hemet Police Dept)

A California road-rage incident ended in horror when 53-year-old Tracy Leavitt was struck and thrown into the air after one of the men he was arguing with swiped his car and ran him down.

The Daily Mail reported Tuesday about the incident, which was filmed by a bystander.

The violent encounter began as a roadside argument between Leavitt and two men in a white pickup truck. As Leavitt stood arguing with the truck's driver, the passenger jumped into Leavitt's idling 4-door coupe and plowed into him, flinging his body into the air like a rag doll.

"Yeah!" shouted one of the two suspects.

As Leavitt laid on the pavement injured, the suspect threw something from the car into the bed of the truck and then the two men sped away. They are described as white or light-skinned Hispanic men between the ages of approximately 18 and 25. The truck's rear and driver's side windows may be broken out.

Leavitt's wife Sabine told KTLA that her husband suffered broken bones and a collapsed lung and has undergone surgery to have his hip and knee replaced.

“I can’t understand it,” said Sabine Leavitt. “I cannot understand why they would want to do that.”

Watch the video, embedded below: