Anti-Muslim militiaman seeks gas money to 'arrest' Michigan Democrat for 'treason' over Iran deal
Jon Ritzheimer (Facebook)

Militia members are seeking gas money to travel to Michigan and "arrest" Sen. Debbie Stabenow for treason.

Capitol Police are investigating a plot promoted by Jon Ritzheimer, an Arizona Marine Corps veteran who organized a failed anti-Muslim rally, to take the Democratic senator into custody for voting in favor of the Iran nuclear deal.

"I am an American Patriot who has everything to lose," Ritzheimer wrote on a website for the III Percent militia group. "I’ve had to kiss my family goodbye on 3 occasions now and didn’t know whether I would see them again. I am now planning on doing it again."

The 31-year-old Ritzheimer and other militia members plan to travel Oct. 10 from Arizona to Michigan, where they plan to take advantage of the state's "lax gun laws" and strong militia presence to arrest Stabenow.

However, he claims the group, which he said would include Texas militia members, would continue arresting other elected officials -- up to and including President Barack Obama -- who backed the Iran deal.

"I have been to war and I do not want to see bloodshed in our own country," said Ritzheimer, who admits he was honorably discharged for violating the Marines' tattoo policy.

"We do not seek violence but we will be armed and ready to defend and uphold our oath to the constitution," he added. "There is no reason these people can’t be held accountable and have their day in court."

Ritzheimer apparently misunderstands two of the most basic elements of the U.S. Constitution, which he claims his extralegal mission is intended to preserve.

"If these people are innocent, then it should be proven in court," he said, getting the fundamental principle of due process exactly wrong. "But there is overwhelming evidence stacked up against them that says otherwise."

The military veteran, who complained that he was sent to war twice under false pretenses, also misunderstands how the constitution establishes elections to choose legislative representatives and a chief executive.

"We The People are what will fix the problems in our country -- not some election," Ritzheimer said.

The Oath Keepers gun group, which is primarily made up of current and former law enforcement and military personnel who vow to disobey laws they believe are unconstitutional, distanced themselves from Ritzheimer -- who claims to be a member.

“He has now been suspended for his actions, and we are in the process of following our bylaws to kick him out entirely," said Jason Van Tatenhove, media director for the group. "We in NO WAY condone his actions, and are in the process of putting out statements to our membership to inform them of such."

The militia member said he had notified law enforcement of the group's intentions, and he claimed they would cooperate with police to prevent violent revolution.

Stabenow's office declined to comment on the possible security matter, but Capitol Police said were in contact with law enforcement officers in Michigan.

Congress is scheduled to return to session Oct. 12, although it appears Ritzheimer and his crew could not drive to Washington in time -- with planned stops in Texas and Michigan -- to violently disrupt a Louis Farrahkan rally planned there the same day the militia caravan will leave Arizona.

Watch this call for assistance posted online by one of Ritzheimer's associates:


Posted by Blaine Cooper on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Edited to include comments from the Oath Keepers.