'He looks like a spoiled brat': Not even Donald Trump likes price-gouging 'pharma bro' Martin Shkreli
Donald Trump takes questions at a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa on Aug. 25, 2015. [CNN]

Despite being an ardent capitalist himself, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lashed out at pharmaceutical mogul Martin Shkreli on Wednesday, Think Progress reported.

"You want to know the truth? He looks like a spoiled brat," Trump said during a press conference in Columbia, South Carolina, adding that "hedge fund guys" like Shkreli are the only people who would see their taxes raised if he were elected president.

Trump's remarks came a day after Fox News defended Shkreli's attempt to raise the price of the drug Daraprim to $750 per pill, a 5000 percent mark-up. The GOP's front-runner with the conservative network took another tempestuous turn on Wednesday when he announced he would not appear on any Fox shows.

According to Think Progress, however, Trump himself hedged when asked twice what he would do to stop companies like Shkreli's Turing Pharmaceuticals from trying to implement such drastic price increases. Shkreli only reversed course on Tuesday night after widespread public criticism.

Instead, the former Apprentice host continued insulting Shkreli.

"There's something about that one -- the way he raised it and to that extent," Trump said. "And then he sat back smug, like he was hot stuff. That guy is nothing. He is zero. He is nothing."