WATCH: Bagpipe playing kid silences anti-gay preacher in the 'most Scottish way possible'
Scottish bagpipe player (Shuttershock)

A young bagpipe player is being heralded for taking down a hate-spewing preacher in the "most Scottish way possible" by drowning out the man's message with his instrument, according to Joe My God.

The video was sent to JMG by a reader named Mike who was in Scotland with his partner when they noticed the preacher yelling into a microphone about how same-sex marriage has ruined the economy. Then the youngster in a blue T-shirt enters the frame and stands close to him, playing the traditional tune Scotland the Brave on his pipes.

The incident occurred on Market Street in the coastal Scottish town of St. Andrews.

The video was posted to Overheard in St. Andrews by Lachie Blair and uploaded to YouTube on Saturday.

Watch the bagpipe player drown out the preacher in the video posted to Lachie Blair's YouTube account here: