WATCH: Trump supporter rips up Latino protester's sign at Iowa tailgate event
A Donald Trump supporter allegedly ripped up a Latino activist's sign in Iowa (Twitter)

A woman who reportedly was a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was seen over the weekend tearing up a sign that was being held by a Latino protester.

According to news reports, protesters were waiting for Trump when he showed up to briefly tailgate at the Iowa-Iowa State football game in Ames on Saturday.

Signs were seen reading: "#DUMPTHETRUMP #NoHateInThisSTATE" and "A vote for Trump is a vote for white supremacy"

A video uploaded to Twitter by Samuel Van Oort shows a white woman walking by a Latino man whose sign says, "Our Lives Begin To End The Day We Become Silent About The Things That Matter."

The woman casually turns to the protester and quickly rips his sign in half as the crowd jeers. Before walking away, she turns back to the activist, smiles and shrugs.

Iowa State University graduate student Maria Alcivar told the Ames Tribune that she and about 20 other students came to the game to protest Trump's views on immigration and his attacks on women.

“That type of language shouldn’t be allowed,” Alcivar explained. “Someone has to stand up and say something. We condemn his behavior.”