Jill Duggar and husband Derick Dillard are offering refunds to supporters who contributed to their reputed missionary work in Central America following questions surrounding the endeavor, InTouch Weekly reported.

The donation page for their non-profit group, Dillard Family Ministries, now includes a contact number for anyone looking to get their money back.

While the organization does have 501(c)(3) status, neither Dillard nor his wife has been certified to do missionary work by their church's parent organization, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Dillard had posted online that the church, Cross Baptist Church, "commissioned" them via prayer, but in reality each of them would need to complete several college courses in order to be certified.

However, according to The Inquisitr, the couple's ministry has not provided much information regarding its goals for their work, other than to say that they plan to "serve others through family ministry, by whatever means that might be."

While the couple did do missionary work in El Salvador earlier this year, the Inquisitr reported, it was in connection with a separate group, S.O.S. Ministries. But fans have begun questioning whether their donations were being used properly, or whether the money was simply funding "an extended vacation" after the couple flew back-and-forth between the US and El Salvador on several occasions.

There have also been questions as to whether an SBC affiliate group, the International Mission Board (IMB), had approved the couple's work.

[h/t Wonkette]