An anti-Muslim group has scheduled 20 rallies outside religious centers on Saturday dubbed the Global Rally for Humanity, but Muslim Facebook users have taken them on by trolling them on social media.

The rallies are being coordinated by armed militia group members from the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters, the Detroit Free Press reports. On their Facebook page they've posted baldly Islamophobic statements like, "Standing up against Islam doesn't mean you're a racist or a bigot, it simply means you're not an idiot and can see the reality of Islam around the world."

Muslims, joined by non-Muslims, flooded the group's Facebook page mocking the tortured logic of groups that claim their cause is to protect the Constitution while intimidating people at their places of worship for observing their religion.

"Why are you all so obsessed with Muslims. You must love them to post about them day and night," Saba Ali wrote.

On a post that claimed incorrectly that Muslim countries don't give rights to minority groups, Facebook user Tahirah Mohamed wondered where the event organizers were when an American minority group was seeking the right to marry.

"You idiots should have been screaming this when the minority group of 'gays' went banging on court houses to get married! LOL But no, that makes too much logical and moral sense!"

Others also pointed out that Muslim countries have had female heads of state, whereas the United States has not.

"FYI Two muslim countries have had Women as presidents. How many has the US had so far?" Ali asked.

One user smacked down a bizarre claim by "Tammy Jean" that "Allah is a fake moon god" which she followed up with a long string of false claims with no citations.

"Actually Allah means God [in the Arabic language] and there is no such thing of moon God in Islam. Arab Christians bible refer to God as Allah so are you saying Christians worship moon God," Wal Sam shot back.

Islam, like Christianity and Judaism, is one of the three world religions considered founded by Abraham and they do in fact worship the same god and share religious figures and text.

"I dont see any pages rallying against the white uneducated rednecks who go and shoot up schools and [churches] every year," wrote Ally Trvn.

There were also plenty of inflammatory, hateful posts, including one man who posted a photo of a burning Quran.

"Is it National Armed Moron day again?" asked Stephen Toth. "And stores hadn't even put up the decorations yet."

But the ultimate troll of all may have been Wael Mohie, who boasted about non-Muslims who converted because they were at first drawn to learn more about the faith by the protests.

"The good news is these 5 non [M]uslim got interested because all this hatred against Islam so they wanted to learn more," he gloated. "So almighty Allah will get his word delivered by people who hate Islam. Thank Allah."