WATCH: SNL mocks America's love affair with guns in brutal ad that only the NRA could love
Baby's first gun - SNL screenshot

On Saturday Night Live, the cast and writers took on America's love affair with guns in a warm and fuzzy ad that the NRA might have produced -- but without the self-awareness of how crazy it is

In the ad we see various moments in people's lives -- first love, the birth of a child, inter-generational connections -- made better by the introduction of a gun.

A woman in labor refuses to go into emergency room without carrying her rifle, an intimate dinner is topped off with the gift of a gun instead of a engagement ring, a woman enjoys the exhilaration of running in the park by randomly shooting a handgun into the air.

The ad concludes with the a voice-over reminding us: "Wherever life takes you. Guns. We're here to stay."

Watch the video below from SNL: