Conservatives having white hot emotional meltdown over resignation of University of Missouri's president
Image: Angry man with flames coming from the sides of his face (

On Monday, University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigned over allegations that the administration had done little to address a string of racially-charged incidents on campus.

Initially the reaction of faculty and staff at UM had been to ignore the demands by students and activists, but when the college's football team went on strike, the university was forced to acknowledge their grievances.

In the wake of Wolfe's resignation, many white conservatives have reacted angrily, saying that accusations of incompetence and racial insensitivity leveled against Wolfe are groundless and that he is only guilty of being white in office.'s Ben Shapiro said: contributor Leon Wolf denounced the campus protesters as "cowardly liberal lazy douchebags."

According to Media Matters, "Wolf dismissed the protesters' claims of racist incidents on campus, alleging that the players 'invented facially unbelievable accusations of widespread racism on campus' to 'skip the last three weeks of pointless practices' for 'a bad football team.' He derided the students' demands as 'laughably absurd,' and called the protesting students 'cowardly liberal lazy douchebags' and  "willing suckers" engaging in a 'lazy strike.'"

Rush Limbaugh went into a full histrionic meltdown, calling the players' protest "the end of college football as we know it."

"For those of you who are just now getting attuned to whats happening during the day the University of Missouri's embattled president has resigned. His name is Tim Wolfe. He just quit, just resigned because of committing the crime of being a white male," Limbaugh fumed on Monday.

"MOB WINS," lamented "Gateway Pundit" Jim Hoft.

Some saw fit to lash out at Mizzou alumnus Michael Sam for his support of the protesters.

Others just said the players are lazy and trying to get out of practice:

Lee Stranahan at said, "These activists used pure intimidation tactics to terrorize the campus, cause the black members of the Mizzou football ream to strike, and force Wolfe into apologies and finally resignation."

He went on to lament the rise of "the hydra of hysterical campus activism," which is "springing up across the nation."

"It's hard to know where it will end," he wrote.

Glenn Beck said that universities who face these kinds of student uprisings are only getting "what they deserve." They have fostered a culture of entitlement among minority students, he said, and now those students have become "unhinged."

“The only way you’ll teach any of these guys a lesson is if they’re actually afraid,” Beck said of university officials who have conceded too much authority to the left. “And they’re starting to be afraid of the students. Because the students have become unhinged.”