'The Daily Show' skewers Ben Carson and 'bullsh*t' flowing in Republican debate
'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah on Nov. 11, 2015. [YouTube]

Daily Show host Trevor Noah enlisted the aid of analyst Desi Lydic on Wednesday to pick apart some of the rhetoric from Republican candidates Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, and Donald Trump, after noting that many analysts said Tuesday's GOP debate had more substance.

"[It] is true, because bullsh*t is also a substance," Noah said.

Lydic debunked Carson on two fronts, starting with his assertion that "people need to be educated on the minimum wage," which he used to argue that joblessness increases when the minimum wage is raised.

"This statement is true: people do need to be educated on the minimum wage -- specifically you," she said. "In the last 37 years, the number of jobless people has decreased four times after raising the minimum wage. I'm rating his statement as 'false.' Or as Dr. Ben Carson calls it, 'autobiographical.'"

She later revealed that the former neurosurgeon omitted one major factor in the US encouraging "entrepreneurial risk-taking and capital investment" within 100 years of gaining its independence from Britain.

"That is true -- by 1872, the United States had the highest domestic economic output in the world -- thanks to what Ben Carson calls 'an atmosphere of entrepreneurial risk-taking and investment,' which is a really nice way to describe slavery," she said.

Lydic also tore down both sides of Fiorina's and Trump's dueling anecdotes regarding meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump was correct in saying that the two men appeared on the same episode of 60 Minutes, she noted, but failed to mention that their segments were taped on two separate continents.

Fiorina, on the other hand, boasted that she did not meet him in a "green room for a show." But Lydic showed footage of her telling NBC's Jimmy Carson that she encountered the Russian leader in a "sort of a green room," but for a conference in Beijing.

"Sorry, Carly -- that's a video that actually exists," Lydic said.

Watch the analysis, as posted online on Wednesday, below.