WATCH LIVE: Gunman wounds four cops and several others outside Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs
Man in military gear with shotgun (

A gunman opened fire Friday afternoon at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado.

Police said the gunman shot at passing cars from the parking lot of a clinic in Colorado Springs, reported KRDO-TV.

The shooter was reported about 11:45 a.m. local time.

A police officer said the gunman shot out the rear window of his patrol car as he drove past to "get a look at him."

*Update: A witness told KKTV he was going into King Super grocery story when he heard a gunshot fly over his head from Planned Parenthood and hit a stop sign behind him. The man, a combat veteran, tried to clear as many people from the area as he could as he took cover.

Dispatchers said the gunman was wearing a long coat and a hunting-style hat.

"The area is NOT secure," police said in a tweet.

Police have confirmed three officers were shot. One police officer was reportedly shot in the hand. The extent of the other officers' injuries is unknown.

Multiple other shooting victims have been reported, although no additional details are available.

The gunman has barricaded himself inside the clinic, police said.

Police said the gunman has been "contained." At least a dozen officers are at the scene and engaged in a standoff with the gunman.

Streets near the clinic have been shut down. Multiple businesses are on lockdown.

UPDATE 1:25 p.m. local time: The gunman is believed to be inside the building, but the area is still not secure according to police.

UPDATE: 1:34 p.m. local time: Three police officers have been injured. The shooter has not been apprehended. An unknown number of civilians have been injured. Shooter carrying a "long gun" of unknown type.

UPDATE 1:50 p.m. local time: Police now say they cannot confirm whether there is 1 or 2 shooters and what their location is.

UPDATE 2:30 p.m. local time: Police confirm fourth officer injured. Scene is still very active. Civilian injuries still unknown.

With reporting by Bethania Palma Markus

Watch this livestream video of the situation in Colorado Springs posted online by KKTV: