Christian author blames Freemason initiation after he’s charged in bizarre Alabama movie theater robbery
Clayton Britton Traylor

A Christian author who promotes conspiracy theories about global elites has been charged in a bizarre armed robbery plot at an Alabama movie theater.

Police said Britton Clayton Traylor wore a lifelike latex mask and carried a handgun about 11:50 a.m. Monday into the Carmike Lee Branch Theaters in Hoover, reported

The 33-year-old Traylor ordered a manager to open the theater's safe and remove cash, which he stuffed into a backpack and then fled through the front door, police said.

The theater manager followed him out and tackled Traylor, suspecting the gun was fake.

He grabbed the weapon and ripped off Traylor's mask, and the manager and a passerby held the robber until police arrived.

Police found Traylor's vehicle, a 911 Porsche Carrera, where he stashed a wig and other items he planned to use as a disguise for his getaway.

[caption id="attachment_745437" align="alignnone" width="800"]Mask allegedly worn by author during a robbery Mask allegedly worn by author during a robbery[/caption]

Investigators said Traylor, who has published books about the New World Order and spiritual enlightenment, claimed the carefully planned robbery was intended to fuel his rise in the Freemason ranks.

Police, however, are skeptical.

"We're not really buying that as we've never heard of Masons instructing members to commit criminal acts,'' said Capt. Gregg Rector, of Hoover police. "It's really one of the most ridiculous excuses that we've heard lately. He may have achieved a higher level of stupidity, but that's about it."

Traylor was charged with first-degree robbery and remains held on $60,000 bond.

Court records show he was arrested last year in Leeds on multiple theft charges, but most of those were eventually dismissed.

Traylor's writings show a fascination with the end times and satanic forces, which he believes are part of a plot pursued over generations by global political and economic elites.

"There are those amongst us who are actually serving a much darker power, while purporting to be messengers of light and hope," he wrote about in his book, "Shining the Light: Exposing the Truth." "You will learn of some of the movements that have been shaping world politics and economics, and shifts in world religious thought. The influence of powerful occultists and dynasties of families can be traced back to very frightening origins."

Watch this video about the end times that Traylor posted on his YouTube channel: