Greg Gutfeld mocks Fox News co-host for trying to 'Trumpsplain' Clinton attack
Fox News host Greg Gutfeld discusses Donald Trump on Dec. 22, 2015. (Media Matters)

Fox News hosts Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld clashed on Tuesday after Gutfeld accused his colleague on The Five of "Trumpsplaining" -- rationalizing insulting remarks made by Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, Media Matters reported.

The discussion started when Gutfeld asked Bolling to explain the origin of Trump saying it was "disgusting" for Hillary Clinton to use the bathroom during a Democratic candidate debate, as well as his using a slang term for male genitalia.

"When Hillary makes up something as egregious as, 'Donald Trump has now become ISIS' recruiting tool' -- out of thin air, she made it up -- what he does is, he responds as he does with everyone else. He goes back at whoever the attacker is," Bolling said.

"I just wanted to hear you defend this," Gutfeld replied. "Because I've heard people defend him about making fun of a disability, making fun of John McCain, making fun of women, a woman's face. I wanted to hear somebody defend this as well. Because it never ends. No one will ever stop defending the crass stuff he says."

Later, Bolling insisted he was not "Trumpsplaining" anything.

"Here's what happened: he was at a campaign rally saying, 'She made something up, she lied about it,'" he said. "And then he went on and pointed out the fact that she was late coming back from --"

"That's Trumpsplaining," Gutfeld said.

"Or it's reporting," Bolling shot back. "It's reporting what happened."

"That's commenting," Gutfeld responded.

"Fine, whatever," Bolling said.

Bolling was also criticized by co-host Dana Perino earlier this year, when she accused him of trying to lobby for a spot on the cast of Trump's former reality show, Celebrity Apprentice.

Watch the discussion, as posted by Media Matters on Tuesday, below.