Anti-gay group: Trump's acceptance of same-sex marriage is like supporting slavery
Donald Trump pointing his finger like a gun (CNN/Screencapture)

A group of Republicans supporting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for president has attacked current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on the grounds the he does not oppose same-sex marriage vociferously enough.

According to Pink News, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has endorsed Cruz for president and slammed Trump for statements he has made in the past regarding the issue of same-sex marriage.

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"Donald Trump does not support a constitutional amendment to restore marriage to our laws. Worse, he has publicly abandoned the fight for marriage," said NOM's Brian Brown in a blog post endorsing Cruz for president.

Last year, Trump said that the fight against marriage equality is a "dead issue."

Brown wrote, “When the US Supreme Court issued their illegitimate ruling redefining marriage, Trump promptly threw in the towel with these comments on MSNBC: ‘You have to go with it. The decision’s been made, and that is the law of the land.'"

“Think about the implications of Donald Trump’s comments," Brown continued. "By his reasoning, the nation would ‘have to go with’ slavery as ‘the law of the land’ once the Supreme Court issued their illegitimate Dred Scott decision."

“But the nation didn’t go along with this manifestly immoral, anti-constitutional ruling on slavery," he said. “Fortunately, we had a political leader, Abraham Lincoln, who was willing to lead a principled fight for the dignity of every human being, and slavery was eventually repudiated.”

"The incontrovertible record demonstrates that Ted Cruz will be a champion for marriage while Donald Trump has abandoned the fight to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman," the NOM leader said.

"There are a number of fine candidates running in the Republican race, but we're at a point where only two have a realistic chance of coming out of Iowa as the winner -- Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Please do everything in your power to ensure that Sen. Cruz, a proven champion for the cause of marriage, emerges victorious," he concluded.