Bernie slams tax-dodging Walmart heirs: They 'thank you for paying taxes' so they don't have to
Bernie Sanders speaking at Speaking at Iowa Wesleyan University -- YouTube

Taking aim at how profitable corporations avoid paying U.S. income taxes, 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders slammed the wealthy heirs of the Walmart fortune, pointing out that U.S. taxpayers are the ones keeping their employees above the poverty line and not them.

Speaking at Iowa Wesleyan University, Sanders noted that questions have been raised as to how taxpayers will be able to afford some of the proposals he has put forward.

"I have been criticized a lot because people say, well you know, 'Bernie's ideas are really good, we like like the idea of creating jobs. But, you know, how is he going to pay for it?"' the Vermont Independent said.

Sanders then puckishly turned to the Walton family, heirs to the Walmart fortune.

"Just to give you an example of what a rigged economy is all about.  I mentioned the Walton family -- the wealthiest family in the world -- being very appreciative that you are supporting them. They're very happy about that," he told the crowd."And they asked me to send you their thanks."

"They're only worth 60 or 70 billion dollars and they do appreciate you paying taxes to help them subsidize their workers," he continued. "This is how we're going to pay to put 13 million Americans back to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure."

Sanders then went on to note that the U.S. Treasury loses $100 billion dollars in taxes a year because large corporations are stashing their profits offshore.

“Three major profitable corporations not only pay nothing in federal income taxes, they actually got a rebate from the IRS," he added, before adding for emphasis, "Three major corporations made over $100 billion in profit, paid nothing in taxes, and in fact, got a rebate from the I.R.S."

"That's how were going to pay to rebuild our infrastructure and put millions of people back to work."

Watch video of Sanders in Iowa below: