Larry Wilmore rips Trump for trying to 'close the deal' with evangelicals: 'Come on God, are you out of lightning bolts?'
Larry Wilmore (Comedy Central)

Larry Wilmore ridiculed Donald Trump's clumsy and disingenuous attempts to appeal to evangelical Christian voters.

The Republican frontrunner spoke Monday at Liberty University, where he bragged that he had set a record for attendance for a convocation speech -- which students are required to attend.

Trump also bragged this week in a TV interview that he had "a very great relationship with God," but he declined to specify any favorite Bible verses and could not decide whether he preferred the Old Testament or the New Testament.

"Am I the only one seeing how transparent this is?" Wilmore said. "You've never read the Bible, Donald Trump. Come on, if Trump ever even touched a Bible, it sizzled."

Wilmore also mocked Trump for pandering to Christians by reading a verse from 2 Corinthians -- which he incorrectly pronounced "Two Corinthians" instead of "Second Corinthians" -- and he also misidentified the university as Liberty College before correcting himself.

"There is so much wrong with that," Wilmore lamented. "You know what I love about this? He doesn't even know how wrong 'Two Corinthians' sounds. When people laugh, he acts like he's the originator of that mysterious joke."

Wilmore offered a non-religious analogy to explain just how wrong Trump was.

"Let's say you're a big 'Star Wars' fan, and someone comes to speak to your 'Star Wars' group," he said. "They say they're a huge 'Star Wars' fan, that they have a great relationship with 'Star Wars.' Then they say, 'I want to talk about the farce -- we're all strong with the farce, right? That's what you guys like, the farce? I know you're laughing because you love the farce -- who doesn't love the farce? The farce is strong with Luther Vandross Skywalker, right?'"

Wilmore despaired as Trump repeatedly promoted his book, "The Art of the Deal" -- which the real estate tycoon and reality TV star placed as second only to the Bible.

"Please stop him from talking, I can't take it anymore," Wilmore said. "Come on God, are you out of lightning bolts?"

Wilmore then adopted the style of an evangelical minister to beg conservative Christians not to let Trump "close the deal" with them.

"You'll be forgiven for supporting Ted Cruz or 'black Droopy the Dog,'" he said, referring to Ben Carson. "But you'll never be forgiven for supporting this troll."

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