Militant broadcaster brands 15-year-old girl a 'prostitute' for crying in fear at Oregon town meeting
Pete Santilli (YouTube)

Conservative broadcaster Pete Santilli accused a 15-year-old Oregon girl who cried at a town meeting of "prostitution" on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Judge Steven Grasty's granddaughter, Ashlie Presley, choked up at a Burns town meeting while explaining that Ammon Bundy's armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge had put the community in fear.

“I should not have to be scared in my own hometown,” Presley said. “I know that all of my friends have been scared and have come to me to know what to do.”

While broadcasting from the refuge on Wednesday, Santilli said that Grasty had turned his granddaughter into a "prostitute."

"That judge was prostituting his granddaughter for political purposes," he opined. "I'm going to call it for what it is. If it were my granddaughter, I would not treat her like a prostitute like he did."

According to Santilli, opponents of Bundy's militants were a "bunch of effing communists" because they had allowed the girl to express her fear in public.

"What he did with his granddaughter is disgusting," he continued. "It's called prostitution, okay? Except you gave it up for free... She's a young girl, she did just a masterful dramatic performance."

"The only reason that anyone needs to be fearful about what's going on around here are the corrupt bastards like her grandfather. He needs to be fearful because we're going to investigate and we're going to bring some justice to a judge."

Watch the video below.