After being declared dead, girl in Kalamazoo shooting squeezes mother's hand and is 'clinging to life'
Doctors in operating room - Shuttertsock

The 14-year-old Kalamazoo girl who was shot by Jason Brian Dalton remains in critical condition after she squeezed her mother's hand following doctors pronouncing her dead, reports MLive.

The unidentified teen was with friends in the Cracker Barrel restaurant parking lot Saturday night when Dalton opened fire and killed four others.

According police the teen was rushed to Bronson Methodist Hospital with critical injuries where doctors later declared her dead, before she startled everyone by squeezing her mother's hand, stated Michigan State Police First Lt. Dale Hinz.

"She's in extremely critical condition but she's still clinging to life," Hinz said in a statement.

According to the hospital, the teen was still hooked up to a life support system at the time so that her organs could be donated.

The shooting at the Cracker Barrel was the last of three separate shootings Saturday, with police saying Dalton is the lone suspect.

A police spokesman stated, "It's totally unprovoked, random acts of violence. We're still trying to figure out the motives."