Clinton defends herself against Sanders challenge: 'I'm a much better candidate than I was in 2008'
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Good Morning America - ABC screengrab

Appearing on ABC's Good Morning America, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she expects to sidestep the pitfalls that doomed her 2008 run for the Democratic nomination because she's a better candidate this go-around.

Just like in 2008 when her front-runner status was disrupted by freshman Senator Barack Obama, Clinton once again finds herself pushed by an unexpected challenger in upstart Vermont Independent Bernie Sanders.

"I think that I have a much better organization,” she said. "I think that we built an organization using a lot of the lessons learned, and we recruited some of the best people that we could find in the country working in Democratic politics."

"I think I'm a better candidate," Clinton continued. "I think that in addition to just knowing more about the  caucus process and what we needed to do to build towards tonight. My experience as Secretary of State really deepened and expanded my understanding about what the next president will have to face."

Responding to a self-identified "liberal Republican," who said he was torn between Clinton and GOP candidate John Kasich, Clinton attempted to allay his fears that she couldn't work with Republicans by citing work she did as first lady, senator from New York, and as Secretary of State, saying she always had Republicans signing on to her initiatives.

Watch the video below from ABC:

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