CNN guest marvels: Sanders nearly won Iowa despite being 'a 79,000 year-old Muppet-looking socialist'
Van Jones, on teh right, speaking with CNN host Brooke Baldwin - CNN screen grab

Asked by a CNN host about Bernie Sanders' near miss upset of Hillary Clinton in Iowa, a former White House staffer gave the elderly Vermont senator a back-handed compliment by praising him while also calling him "a 79,000 year-old, Muppet-looking socialist."

Pressed by host Brooke Baldwin on Sander's showing, regular CNN guest Van Jones, smiled  and said, "I'm in the camp that says anybody who is a 79,000 year-old, Muppet-looking socialist--"  before being interrupted by a laughing Baldwin.

"Oh, Van..., " Baldwin jumped in.

"I love Bernie Sanders!" Jones replied while laughing. "Anybody like that who comes within a hair of beating the Clintons, that let's you know there's something's going on just beyond the candidate."

Watch the video below from Talking Points Memo: