Donald Trump accuses Marco Rubio of 'excess sweating' that would affect his ability to deal with Putin
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Darren McCollester)

Republican frontrunner makes bizarre claim that rival’s perspiration would affect America’s ability to conduct foreign policy effectively

Donald Trump has upped his attacks on his Republican rivals at a rally in South Carolina, describing Ted Cruz as “a very dishonest person” and launching a bizarre rant about Marco Rubio’s “excessive sweating”.

Trump didn’t mention his earlier threat to sue Cruz at the event in Greenville, but again characterized the Texas senator as “unstable” before accusing Marco Rubio of a level of perspiration that would cause problems for diplomacy.

“When we get in with Putin we need people that don’t sweat,” Trump said.

His remarks were received by a packed house, however some supporters were literally left out in the cold after being moved to a drafty overflow room that lacked chairs and a large-screen TV.

The discontent in the bowels of the TD convention center went unnoticed by Trump, who delivered a 45-minute speech focusing on his familiar topics of immigration, walls, and the ability to negotiate.

The Republican frontrunner targeted Cruz as “a liar” during a riff on drug prices. He again called Cruz “unstable” during a section of his speech discussing the recent GOP debate.

Trump also attacked Rubio, whom he accused of excess sweating during the recent Republican debate.

“I thought he just came out of a swimming pool,” Trump said of the Florida senator.

He said that Rubio’s perspiration could make foreign relations difficult.

“Can you imagine Putin sitting there and waiting for the meeting and this guy walks in and he’s like a wreck?

“No, you got to have Trump walk into that meeting folks, we’ll do very nicely.”

About 10,000 people were in the TD convention center, according to some reports. During his speech Trump said some 3,000 supporters had been turned away from the ticket-only event. He mentioned there were “something about the same amount” of people downstairs – in the overflow area.

The reality was rather different. By the end of his speech there were perhaps 200 people still in the area. Trump had mentioned in his speech the possibility of doing a second speech to those turned away. But, when his speech finished, those in the overflow room hurried for their cars. And, unlike Rubio, they weren’t sweating after their experience in the cold convention center basement.

“I think this is a joke. We feel so disrespected. There is no way I would vote for him now,” said Sharon Jacobs, an erstwhile Trump supporter from Greenville. She had purchased her ticket days earlier but arrived to be told the center was already full.

“I’ve never seen anything so poorly put together,” she said.

Jacobs had come to the event with her sister-in-law Linda Dezzi, who was similarly unimpressed.

“I know who won’t be getting my vote,” Dezzi said. The pair left rather than watch Trump’s speech.

Lisa Searfoss had travelled from Piedmont and was unhappy with Trump. “I’m pissed off at him now,” she said as she left just as his speech began. Asked what she intended to do, Searfoss said: “Look at some of the other candidates.”

Searfoss said she had booked her ticket for the Trump event two weeks ago. She did not think the overflow area had been well organized. “It’s smaller than the TV I’ve got at home,” she said. © Guardian News and Media 2016