Elizabeth Warren: I won't be bullied by Trump using recycled ‘hate-filled attacks on my family'
Elizabeth Warren (YouTube)

Popular Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren let Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump know that his attacks on her ancestry "didn’t work before, it’s not going to work this time" so he might as well save his breath.

In an interview with WGBH, Warren touched on a variety of subjects including the Democratic race between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont  Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Turning to the battle for the GOP nomination, Warren was asked about her war of words with the blustery billionaire who mockingly  referred to her as "Who's that, the Indian? You mean the Indian?" after she called him a "loser."

Trump's reference to Warren as "the Indian" stems from an attack by former Massachusetts incumbent Sen. Scott Brown who lost his seat to Warren after mocking her ancestry.

As Warren noted, it didn't work then, and it won't work now.

"Donald Trump is a bully and that’s what bullies do. Scott Brown tried the same thing, and if Donald Trump thinks using Scott Brown’s old hate-filled attacks on my family is going to shut me up, then he should think again. It didn’t work before, it’s not going to work this time," Warren said. "I’m doing what I promised the people of Massachusetts I would do. I’m out there in Washington every single day busting my tail to try to level the playing field, to try to loosen the stranglehold that Wall Street has on our government."