'Men vs. women': Andrea Tantaros fantasizes about 'massive gender war' after Trump becomes nominee
Fox News host Andrea Tantaros (screen grab)

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros noted on Tuesday that Donald Trump's supporters embraced his brand of sexism, but she predicted that there would be a "massive gender war" if he became the Republican nominee for president.

This week, a conservative anti-Trump group released an ad featuring women reading misogynist quotes made by Trump over the years. But Tantaros asserted during a discussion on Fox Business that the attack ad would have no impact on Trump supporters.

"I think a lot of what they've thrown at him hasn't worked and I don't think this is going to work either," Tantaros opined. "If you look at the commitment of Trump supporters, it's astounding. They've made up their minds about him a month, two months in advance. And nothing will move them."

"They already have heard the accusation that he's a sexist," she continued. "They've digested it, and they say, 'You know way? We don't care. Why? Because he puts us first. So, we're going to put that aside because he is giving a voice to us, a group of individuals, mostly middle class, mostly blue collar, a large swath that haven't' had a voice because they feel that both sides don't represent them."

When it came to the general election, however, Tantaros predicted that America should embrace itself for a "gender war."

"I see it turning into one massive gender war," she explained. "I really see it being women vs. men. And I think Hillary will have the mainstream media. I think she will have women's magazines."

"And I think Trump is tapping into that -- as Obama said -- that angry blue collar male, I think it's going to be men vs. women."

Watch the video below from Fox Business News, broadcast March 15, 2016.