Right-wing host asks MSNBC: How can Christians vote for Trump after he said Romney 'offered to blow him'?
MSNBC's Thomas Roberts speaks to Andrew McKay (screen grab)

According to conservative radio host Andrew McKay, Republican evangelical voters should not choose Donald Trump because he suggested that former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney offered to give him oral sex.

After Romney blasted Trump as a "phony" at a speech in Utah on Thursday, Trump fired back a few hours later, slamming the former nominee for seeking his endorsement in 2012.

"He was begging for my endorsement," Trump said. "I could have said, 'Mitt, drop to your knees.' He would have dropped to his knees."

Following the speech, MSNBC's Thomas Roberts asked McKay, who hosts a radio show in Pensacola, for his reaction.

"We live in an area that styles itself as being very Christian, lots of churches, evangelical voters, Baptists, Catholics, this whole area is dominated by religion," McKay explained. "And I think they have to all ask themselves the question, do they want someone who gets up there and says that a former presidential candidate for their party got down on his knees and offered to blow him?"

"That was the style of the candidate that you want to elect as your nominee?" he asked. "That's what a lot of people are struggling with."

In 2009, liberal blogger Marcy Wheeler was reportedly blacklisted by MSNBC after she said "blow job" while arguing that the length of the investigation into the Clinton/Lewsinsky scandal had been "ridiculous."

Watch the video below from MSNBC, broadcast March 3, 2016.