Sarah Palin slams 'punk-ass little thuggery stuff' from anti-Trump protesters
Sarah Palin addresses a Donald Trump rally in Tampa, FL. (Screenshot, via ABC News)

Sarah Palin offered her own colorful language at a Donald Trump rally Monday in Tampa, Florida, on the subject of the violence that has broken out between Trump supporters and protesters.

"What we don't have time for is all that petty, punk-ass little thuggery stuff that's been goin' on with these quote-unquote 'protesters' who are doin' nothin' but wasting your time," Palin said, as the audience cheered on, "and trying to take away your First Amendment rights, your rights to assemble peacefully. And the media, bein' on the thugs' side — what the heck are you guys thinkin', media? It doesn't make sense!"

Palin had canceled her appearance at a Trump rally scheduled for earlier in the day at The Villages, a large retirement community, following news that her husband Todd Palin was seriously injured in a snowmobile accident. However, Palin also assured the crowd in Tampa that Todd is recovering in the ICU.