Sarah Palin cancels Trump campaign stop after husband reportedly injured in snowmobile crash
Sarah Palin speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

After a somewhat disastrous campaign stop in Florida to promote the GOP presidential campaign of Donald Trump, former half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin cancelled a stop on Monday after her husband was reportedly involved in a "very serious" snowmobile crash.

According to the Daily Beast, Palin showed up at the Florida Strawberry Festival -- an event that draws half a million people annually -- to stump for Trump, only to spend more time promoting herself.

According to the festival organizers, they were unaware that she would be attending until the Trump campaign made an announcement the night before.

The Beast reports she did make some comments about the violence at the Trump rallies, saying, "The thugs who are disrupting his rallies are doing nothing but harm to anyone’s right to assemble peacefully, and right to speak. [The people] who are disrupting… they’re not protesters, they’re much more violent than that.”

The former vice presidential candidate -- who made a big splash when she endorsed Trump -- made a few more comments about his presidential run as she posed for pictures with gawkers and signed autographs.

On Monday, Palin was supposed to make a campaign stop at The Villages -- a massive retirement community in Sumter that is a frequent stop for politicians -- however, according to Beth Reinhard of the Wall Street Journal, the event has been cancelled.

"Sarah Palin event in The Villages in FL cancelled today. 'Governor Palin wishes her best to Mr. Trump in the upcoming primaries,'" Reinhard tweeted.

The former vice presidential candidate issued a terse best wishes to the New York businessman -- and it later became clear why she did so.

NBC News updated the story, tweeting: "Todd Palin, husband of Sarah Palin, involved in "very serious" snowmobile crash; Palin's Trump event in Florida canceled."

The Trump campaign said in a statement: "Todd Palin was in a bad snow machine accident last night and is currently hospitalized. Governor Palin is returning to Alaska to be with her husband and looks forward to being back on the campaign trail soon. Mr. Trump’s thoughts and prayers are with the Palin family at this time."

(This story has been updated to reflect Todd Palin's reported accident)