Utah residents flooded with anti-Romney robocalls from Trump-loving white supremacist
William Johnson - (American Freedom Part website)

Residents of Utah have been inundated with anti-Romney robocalls from a well-known white supremacist after the former Massachusetts governor and prominent Mormon attacking GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

According to KUTV, the caller identifies himself as William Johnson of the American Freedom Party and American National Super Pac.

In the call, Johnson states: "Mitt Romney has viciously attacked Donald Trump. Mitt Romney and his establishment conservatives are both mean spirited and dishonest. The white race is being replaced by other peoples in America and in all white countries. Donald Trump stands strong as a nationalist."

Johnson's website states that he is a graduate of BYU and currently works as a corporate lawyer in Los Angeles.

According to the website for the American Freedom Party (formerly known as "America 3rd Position"), they "represent the interests and issues of White Americans."

The party has taken stances against women and gays in the in the military, immigration and same sex marriage.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed the American Freedom Party as a white-supremacist organization.

Watch the video below from KUTV: