Van Jones hammers Jeffrey Lord: The KKK 'left the Democratic Party and they joined your party'
Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord appear on CNN (screen grab)

After making a passionate election night argument that Donald Trump was playing "footsie" with white supremacists by refusing to disavow the Ku Klux Klan, CNN commentator Van Jones took another crack at trying to get through to Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord on Wednesday morning.

Jones had briefly detoured CNN's Super Tuesday coverage when he tried to school Lord Tuesday night for deflecting the controversy by calling the KKK a "leftist organization."

“I don’t care how they voted 50 years ago, I care about who they killed,” Jones added. “When you do not acknowledge that he did not answer that question [about disavowing the Klan] with the passion he answered with other terrorist organizations, you do yourself a disservice, you do your candidate a disservice.”

On Wednesday, Jones and Lord went at it again during a New Day segment that was supposed to run less than 10 minutes but stretched to more than 20.

Watch the video in two parts below.