Van Jones: 'The Republican establishment has been completely destroyed tonight'
Van Jones speaks to ABC News on March 2, 2014.

CNN Democratic strategist Van Jones declared that Donald Trump had "completely destroyed" the Republican establishment following his Tuesday night wins in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina.

Noting that Sen. Marco Rubio had dropped out on Tuesday, Jones pointed out that Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) was the final "establishment" candidate in the race.

"The Republican establishment has been completely destroyed tonight," Jones explained. "You literally have the only establishment candidate left is Kasich with one state! His own state that he camped out in for two months!"

"It doesn't make any sense," the CNN analyst added. "You cannot describe the devastation this guy [Donald Trump] has wreaked on the Republican Party. The Republican establishment has been destroyed tonight. And you now have Ted Cruz, who is the ultimate outsider, against Trump. And those are the only options left that are viable."

Republican strategist S.E. Cupp agreed that the damage was done and that "it's only going to get worse the farther he goes."

Watch the video below from CNN.