WATCH: Donald Trump panics as Secret Service rush the stage to stop Dayton protester
Panicky Donald Trump -- Daily Motion screencapture

GOP front-runner Donald Trump is still making it to some rallies -- despite cancelling one in Chicago on Friday night  -- with an appearance in Dayton that was briefly disrupted causing the blustery candidate to panic and duck  as order was restored in the crowd.

Appearing in front of the Trump campaign jet,  the candidate was addressing the cheering crowd when four Secret Service agents rushed the stage, startling Trump who frantically looked around before ducking into their protective custody.

(WATCH: Donald Trump Cleveland rally beginning at 2PM EST)

As the Secret Service hustled away the unseen protester, Trump fans began their "Trump, Trump, Trump" and USA!" chants heard at every rally as protests are squashed.

Trump responded by adlibbing, "I was ready for him, but it's much easier if the cops do it."

The suspect was identified as Thomas Dimassimo, and was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic — both misdemeanors, according to Dayton police.

Watch video below via Tommy Christopher on Daily Motion:

Watch: Donald Trump Ducks as Secret Service... by tommyxtopher