Donald Trump calls media ‘dishonest’ while dodging a reporter’s question about same-sex marriage
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

GOP front runner Donald Trump held a strange press conference after Super Saturday votes came in, in which none of the reporters had mics.

But journalists did have access to Twitter.

When asked his position on same-sex marriage, Trump, who had made point of calling the news media dishonest in no uncertain terms, would not answer the question, according to reporters who were in attendance.

Trump also made several references to his hands, a topic that has been a sore spot for him.

Trump also repeated his claim that terrorists in the Middle East are "chopping off heads" and drowning people in big metal cages, which he thinks necessitates his use of torture, if elected president.

Trump won Louisiana and Kentucky and lost Maine and Kansas to rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Earlier in the day, Trump spoke in Florida, where he made his supporters swear, with hands outstretched, to vote for him even if doing so put them in physical danger. He also took a racially-charged swipe at President Barack Obama after being heavily criticized for refusing to disavow support from the KKK and one of its leaders, David Duke.

Watch the press conference, as posted online, here: