'#1 in bigotry': Twitter unleashes its wrath on Mississippi's 'dinosaur' governor over new anti-gay law
Gov. Phil Bryant (R-MS) (via Facebook)

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) has signed into the law the bill passed last week by the state legislature, to legalize discrimination by both public employees and private businesses against gay couples, transgender people, and even those who have premarital sex. (Though as the bill's sponsor said, it's really just meant to be against the LGBT community.)

And on social media, the state has instantly become a widespread focus of ridicule. So here's a collection of some of it.

Many of these tweets are from well known writers, some are celebrities — and others are just regular people out there who had something witty to say. (Though just to be on the safe side, we have avoided outright usage of vulgarity.) They are presented in roughly the order that this author first spotted them.