Arizona woman found guilty of faking cancer to get a late-term abortion
Chalice Zeitner (WTOL)

An Arizona woman who was accused of faking cancer to get the state to pay for her late-term abortion was found guilty on Monday, WTOL reported.

Attorneys for the state argued in court that Chalice Zeitner told doctors in 2010 that she needed the abortion because because her 22-week-old fetus had been exposed to radiation treatment for stage IV cancer in her abdomen and lower spine.

A doctor later discovered during a C-section for a subsequent pregnancy that she had no signs of cancer.

She was accused of falsifying medical records to support her claim. Prosecutors said that Zeitner defrauded the state out of more than $6,000 in medical expenses.

A jury began deliberating on Wednesday, and found Zeitner guilty of all counts on Monday.

Zeitner is also facing separate charges in another trial for allegedly defrauding a veterans charity and others in 2012.