#PeeingForPat: North Carolina activists perfectly troll state’s anti-trans governor Pat McCrory

A new online campaign is targeting North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) for mockery concerning his state's new anti-trans legislation.

#PeeingForPat, as it's being called, encourages participants to contact the governor to "confirm your adherence to or disregard of" HB2, which bans trans residents from using public restrooms according to their gender identity, and also rolled back anti-discrimination statutes instituted in Charlotte.

Activist Sam Moore has circulated the tag online, as well as various ways of contacting McCrory, as seen below:

Every time you use a North Carolina public restroom, be sure to contact Governor Pat McCrory to confirm your adherence...

Posted by Sam Moore on Monday, 4 April 2016

The #PeeingForPat tag has already started circulating around Twitter, with various users posting pictures of urinals or toilets, as seen below:

ScreenHunter_3915 Apr. 08 13.30

The campaign comes on the heels of "Periods for Pence," a phone campaign in Indiana encouraging people to call Gov. Mike Pence everytime they went to the bathroom to protest an anti-abortion law he recently signed into law despite bipartisan opposition.