Schools issue buzzkill to students: 4/20 is still a school day, you guys
(Photo: Shutterstock)

If you're planning on celebrating International Marijuana Appreciation Day on April 20th, the Vancouver School Board wants you to know that you still have to go to school.

"We just want to make sure parents and students are as well-informed as possible," Nancy Brennan, associate superintendent of learning services with the school board told CBC radio.

While the school wanted to emphasize that it doesn't condone students celebrating their right to light up, their real focus is making sure kids aren't skipping class.

"Students are aware of '420,'" the warning to parents reads. "And schools report a number of students who either leave school to attend the '420' gathering or use '420' as an excuse not to attend school that day."

Procedures will be followed for anyone cutting class to get high. "We follow the same attendance procedures," Brennan said. "Which usually involves a call home and follow-up."

So, youth should be prepared to have their oldest-sounding friend on the phone before he or she gets high.