Trump fans harass Sanders supporters with swastikas in virtual-reality 'Second Life'

Proving that there is nowhere on the Internet that is safe from Trump followers, Motherboard is reporting that Bernie Sanders' Second Life headquarters is under siege from Trump supporters.

Second Life allows its users to purchase property in its virtual world, and after one user established a Sanders headquarters, Trump supporters bought the land next door--and promptly built a huge wall next to it. From the top of the wall, Donald Trump shouts "We have twenty times more traffic! I keep winning! You can't stump the Trump!"

Second Life Newser has been documenting the virtual fight in which Trump supporters are trolling Sanders Support Group member Macaria Wind. Sanders headquarters is in the Second Life region  of Caspoli, and the Sanders banner can be seen from satellite.

[caption id="attachment_789014" align="alignnone" width="615"]Screenshot taken from Second Life Newser, Screenshot taken from Second Life Newser,[/caption]

Trump's 180 meter wall features a huge American flag, and fireworks spout from the summit. Wind has tried to laugh off the obnoxiousness, but a lot of it has crossed the line into hate tactics. "[What] is not a laughing matter are the racial slurs and bigotry witnessed by one group member who visited Trump HQ when there were actually people there," Wind told Motherboard.

[caption id="attachment_789042" align="alignnone" width="385"]Screengrab of Trump Swastika taken from Motherboard: Screengrab of Trump Swastika taken from Motherboard:[/caption]