Anti-Muslim activists organized a rally they called "United against Islam and Islamic immigration refugee," but they must have had trouble activating the Islamophobic community in the state because no one showed up. The group planned to shred a Quran and a picture of the Prophet Muhammad.

Jim Stachowiak, one of the event organizers is a Trump supporter according to a Huffington Post report last week. “I support Donald Trump because I like his agenda on dealing with the threats to this country — his ban on Islamic immigration,” he explained. He also added that he believes Muslim immigrants and refugees to the U.S. are “no more than an invading horde or army.”

Capitol Police Director Lewis G. Young notified employees of the Georgia state capitol that the protest rally would be taking place and that organizers were encouraging rally participants to come armed.

“DPS is currently monitoring the threat risk and, together with GBA, is taking precautions to make Capitol Hill a safe environment,” the warning continued. But the group was all bark and no bite if photos tweeted from the event are any indication.

Despite no attendees, the organizers did destroy a Quran. “We’re not against Muslims,” the man in the video below says to the media. He continued that the group is concerned about Islamic extremists not "Joe Muhammad down the street mowing his yard."

The men had expected 200 rally attendants. Less than a hand full of people attended, all of which seemed to be organizers for the rally. In fact, there appeared to be more media attention than attention from participants of the demonstration.