Watch Bill Maher's hilarious fun facts you need to know about Ted 'F*ckface' Cruz
Real Time host Bill Maher -- (HBO screen grab)

Admitting that he has a secret passion for tabloid magazines that dispense tidbits of inside information on celebrities, Real Time host Bill Maher ticked off a selection from his own 25 things you didn't know about GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Using a recent article in US magazine that disclosed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enjoys hot sauce on her meals, Maher's writers came up with a similar fun fact list for the Texas senator.

"We have something called 'equal time' in America so now the other candidates are getting their 25 things you don't know about me," Maher explained before sharing a few.

Included in the list:

"I spent my entire freshman year of high school stuffed in a locker."

"My nickname at Princeton was F*ckface"

"I named the stick up my ass, 'Hank.'"

"Mirrors don't show my reflection."

Watch the video below via HBO: