Here are 6 places you could move -- besides Canada -- if Donald Trump is elected
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The US Department of State reported an increase in passport applications in 2016. It could be a sign of a more stable economy and desire to travel, but some are saying it comes from fears of a Donald Trump presidency. If you've seen claims in your Facebook feed like "I'm moving to Canada!" you know what I mean.

While our neighbor to the north is a lovely place with polite people and good health care, it can get a little cold and could be chaotic with a sudden influx of angry liberals. If you're afraid of what life might be like under a Trump White House, and you've got the means to move, Canada doesn't necessarily have to be your country of choice. Here are six others:

1. Costa Rica

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Boasting beautiful beaches, intriguing rainforests, stunning waterfalls, a range of birds and wildlife as well as delicious foods Costa Rica could be your next home away from home. The exchange rate is in Americans' favor and the country is affordable for anyone renting a hacienda with an ocean view.

2. Ireland

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The Emerald Isle is the poetic pseudonym for Ireland thanks to lush green meadows and a glorious countryside. A green farmland also means amazing produce to feast on as well as the beautiful vista. Other than an odd snow, Ireland is generally spared from natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes or droughts too, making the climate ideal. The shores also have amazing waves, perfect for surfers, and if you should get hurt, medical care is free.

3. Japan

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If you seek the action of a bustling city with amazing local culture, Japan is for you. The exceptional healthcare coupled with healthy and delicious food would be perfect to detoxify your body from America's fried cheese and expensive drugs. The people are amazing and go out of their way to help, even if you're struggling with your Japanese. If your language is solid, you can even travel to some of the smaller cities that are less than 50 miles from Tokyo.

4. Australia

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While maps can distort the size of Australia, the continent is roughly the size of the United States, with just as much uniqueness as our own country. It's easy if you need an English-speaking country to relocate your family. Australia is also perfect for foods that are similar to our own and great for short travel to other countries south of the equator. The exchange rate isn't great for Americans right now and you'll likely need to lease a car, but seeing the southern constellations and getting away from Trump might be worth it.

5. New Zealand

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As long as we're down under, New Zealand is a glorious place to live. Another English speaking country, the people are known for being so friendly that even hitchhiking is safe, legal and encouraged. The crime is very low and the State Department rates it number one on HSBC's report for a better quality of life for young people. You'll have access to beaches as well as mountains and you can explore some of the places "Lord of the Rings" was filmed. Sleep in a tree house, surf the waves, hike the mountains or kayak the lakes, New Zealand might be the place to make your escape.

6. Ecuador

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Most expats love Ecuador for the exchange rate and the low cost of living in the country. InterNations lists it as the number one country for Americans to move, but implies you should have a working knowledge of Spanish to help you assimilate. It's also relatively close to the United States should you need to zip back to family or friends. A flight to Miami, for example, is only four hours. The weather is exceptional, which is perfect for the amazing beaches and the infrastructure is probably even better than some places in the United States. If you're going to flee, do it in style in Ecuador.