Actress Rosario Dawson: Voting for Bernie Sanders is basically the same as voting for Prince
Rosario Dawson (Daily Politics)

Actress Rosario Dawson has said Prince inspired her to campaign for Bernie Sanders -- and now she's hoping the late musician will inspire others to vote for the Vermont senator.

Dawson urged a crowd of Sanders supporters to "vote purple" next month in California's Democratic primary, which she said would be held on a symbolically important day, reported Mediaite.

"So actually, I think it’s quite fitting that on June 7, the day that we’re going to win California, that that would’ve been Prince’s birthday," Dawson said.

As Mediaite pointed out, Prince was a Jehovah's Witness who did not celebrate birthdays.

"When we come together, Republican, independent, Democrat -- all of it -- which is what Bernie Sanders inspires, for people to think beyond party lines and just come together, that's when we're voting purple," Dawson said. "We're not voting for just a party -- we're voting for an idea, for a future we can believe in."

Dawson said she became more politically active after Prince asked her to read a monologue supporting the Black Lives Matter movement for an as-yet unreleased recording.

Watch video of her remarks posted online by Daily Politics:

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