CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill shreds George Zimmerman: It’s like OJ Simpson selling steak knives
Marc Lamont Hill (Screenshot/CNN)

Morehouse College professor and activist Marc Lamont Hill bashed George Zimmerman for trying to auction off the gun he used to kill unarmed high school student Trayvon Martin in 2012.

UPDATE: Gun broker cancels sale of George Zimmerman’s gun used to kill Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering the 17-year-old Martin, and Hill pointed out he has since campaigned to rub salt in the wound. Martin's death and the handling of it by authorities, coupled with Zimmerman's acquittal, sparked a national outcry and movement that would evolve into the Black Lives Matter movement, focused on disproportionate police violence directed at African-Americans.

"George Zimmerman does not want this to go away," Hill said. "He wants to see more anger, more rage, more pain, and we know that because when you look at his internet activity, when you look at his social media activity in particular, the statements he's made over the years, he consistently pokes at the same national wound."

Hill then pointed out that OJ Simpson was also acquitted of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown.

"Imagine if OJ Simpson decided to start a line of steak knives right after the unfortunate killings in the 90s," Hill said. "Of course he could have done it... but it would have been insensitive and mean."

Watch Hill's comments, as posted by CNN, here: