Fox & Friends has a full-blown freakout over Bernie Sanders 'enslaving' children with socialism
Home school advocate Sam Sorbo -- (Fox News screen grab)

The wife of actor Kevin Sorbo appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning to direly warn that public schools are enslaving our children by teaching them about socialism -- and Bernie Sanders is to blame.

Sam Sorbo, who has written a book about the joys of homeschooling, showed up to talk about keeping your kids home to be educated, when talk predictably turned to Common Core standards and to politics in the classroom, reports Media Matters.

After Sorbo complained that parents were "ceding their authority over the children" to teachers every time they dropped kids off at school, host Steve Doocy pointed out, "I think everybody who could would like to home school, but they're think, 'hmm, when they're in high school I'd have to teach them trigonometry.'"

"Look, our public schools are broken. Everybody admits they're broken. There have been nine overhauls of the public school system. Nine overhauls have been inadequate," Sorbo replied. "Now we've got Common Core. Did you know that there's no testing on Common Core? They implemented it without even knowing that it would work."

Fox host Ainsley Earnhardt jumped in to support Sorbo, adding, "If you're in doubt, ask any schoolteacher out there. Because they'll tell you all the work they have to take home, all the bureaucracy now in schools."

Sorbo then turned the conversation into a rant about socialism using the rise of Vermont Senator Sanders -- a self-described democratic socialist -- as the source of what ails America.

"But here we have a system that is indoctrinating our children into slavery and the proof of that is Bernie Sanders," Sorbo asserted. "Because you have a whole group of students now who believe in socialism. And they weren't taught that socialism is the greatest form of slavery known to mankind. It has murdered in the hundreds of millions of people. And yet, we have young people who believe in socialism and they're voting for Bernie Sanders."

"It's an outrage," she concluded.

Watch the video below via Media Matters: