Lindsey Graham: 'Lucifer is the only person Trump could beat in an election'
Sen. Lindsey Graham on Face the Nation -- (CBS screen grab)

Republican Lindsey Graham had harsh words for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump Sunday morning, saying the candidate would be hard pressed to beat anyone in an election -- unless he was running against Lucifer himself.

Appearing on Face The Nation, the South Carolina Republican affirmed his support for fellow Senator Ted Cruz, but trashed the candidate who is the odds-on favorite to head the GOP ticket in November.

Graham, who is reluctantly supporting Cruz in the primaries after his own campaign flamed out, began by noting that former Speaker of the House John Boehner called Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh" in an interview last week.

"There's been a lot of talk about Lucifer," Graham said. "I think Lucifer is the only person Trump could beat in a general election. When it comes to women and Hispanics, Trump polls like Lucifer."

Graham continued on, hammering the presumptive nominee he may have to support in November, with a dire warning of what a Trump presidency might hold for the U.S.

"I believe Donald Trump's foreign policy, his isolationism, will lead to another 9/11," Graham said with a straight face. "Trump is the most unelectable candidate we could put up against Hillary Clinton. Women and Hispanics hate his guts -- and for good reason."

Watch the video below from CBS: