PA cop charged with assault after video shows him kicking handcuffed skateboarder in the face
Trooper Ryan Luckenbaugh (left) kicking skateboarder -- (WGAL screen cap)

A Carlisle police trooper is facing assault charges after he was caught on dash cam video kicking a defenseless skateboarder in the face while he sat on the sidewalk in handcuffs, WGAL reports.

Officer Ryan Luckenbaugh is accused of using excessive force and providing a false report about the arrest that happened in Harrisburg in May 2015 after he and his partner stopped a skateboarder going against traffic in the street.

In the dash cam the suspect, identified as Chris Siennick, can be heard arguing and cursing at the officers -- comparing them to Imperial Storm Troopers from the Star Wars films.

The handcuffed Siennick allegedly spit at the officers from the ground  where he was seated, leading Luckenbaugh to kick him in the face as another officer can be heard saying, "No no no no no."

After kicking, Siennick, Luckenbaugh told the skateboarder, "Spit on that."

According to the DA's office, Luckenbaugh lied on his police report, stating Siennick hit the patrol car with his skateboard, which never happened.

The trooper now faces four charges, including assault, harassment, and oppression and is slated to appear in court on June 17.

Watch the complete video of the police stop below, uploaded from YouTube: