A former lobbyist, brought into Donald Trump's campaign to make it appear more presidential, launched his own attack on Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Sunday by defending shots taken by Trump and stating, "If she can't take it, that's her problem."

In video captured by Crooks and Liars, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace forced campaign consultant Paul Manafort to defend the personal attacks made by Trump about Hillary Clinton's marriage and Warren's ancestry.

On Friday, Trump and Warren engaged in a Twitter war, with Trump calling her "goofy" and Warren calling out Trump's Twitter game for being "lame."

Wallace pressed Manafort on the battle with Warren, while stating that the popular liberal senator started it.

"Now, to be fair, she [Warren] started it and here's one of her Tweets. 'Donald Trump has built his campaign on racism, sexism, and xenophobia,'" Wallace prompted. "But Trump fired back with 'I hope corrupt Hillary Clinton chooses goofy Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. I will defeat them both.' I guess the question is, if you're trying to win over women -- and you do have a problem with women according to the polls -- do you really want to take on a fight with two of them?”

"He's taking on a fight with two politicians who are using political terms and being hypocrites about it," Manafort parried. "As far as the women's issue is concerned, that's exactly the point he's making. He's not going to allow Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren to hide behind their sex to make cases that are just hypocritical."

"And how is Elizabeth Warren being hypocritical?" Wallace pressed.

"The statements that she was making there were totally out of bounds and he gave it back to her," Manafort replied. "If she can't take it, that's her problem."

Watch the video below, uploaded by Crooks and Liars: